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Welcome to GayMale.WS

You've CUM to the right place for wet news, discussion, pictures, and more.

We are building a mirror of this site on new servers and software. Please, continue to contribute to this site as once the mirror is complete we will import the data from this server as best we can.

Feel free to wander around the site and make your own mark. Add a comment or story. Upload a photo or two. And download whatever photos you like.

This site is built upon the story and photo contributions of members like you!

Some rules of the road... Gaymale.ws respects International copyright laws. We ask that you do not upload or publish on our site any copyrighted images or other copyrighted material without permission from the copyright owner. If we learn that images on the site infringe on an International copyright, they will be removed.

Likewise, in accordance with International laws, we will not accept or publish material which constitutes child pornography.

Finally, be aware that this is a free site. You don’t have to pay or register to use it. However, it costs us to keep the site online, and to continue development. We rely on donations and on your support of our advertisers. Because we rely on advertising to pay for this site and keep it running, we ask that you do not post commercial messages to our site.

If you wish to advertise here, please contact us using the Feedback form.


For all of us that want to meet up with other piss lovers – here’s a list of some parties and events:

We would like to update the event listing. Please, send us a feedback message to let us know of other events.

Lausanne, SWITZERLAND - DIRTY TROUBLE YELLOW NIGHT - regular yellow parties, 9:00 pm to 2 am http://www.trafick.ch, http://www.gayromeo.com/Dirty_Trouble, Av. Tivoli 22, 1007 Lausanne
London, UK – CLUBSOP – Every Tuesday and Sunday clubsop.co.uk
Sydney, AUS – HEADQUARTERS monthly piss party headquarters.com.au

... More to come ...

Blog Opened

We have opened up a blog for the updates to this site.

We will post some pics and stories there as we continue the migration to a stable platform.

The address is http://gaymalews.blogspot.com

Please check it out and the other associated blogs !


Update 3 April 2015:
The blog is the same but is now accessible with the following address:

Now, when we switch to the new platform the blog won't be affected. Also, there are links to my other blogs (mostly bulges).


Our Store

We have partnered to create our own store of goodies like Dildos, Cockrings, Clothing and other fun stuff.

We have set the price point so that it is a good value for our website visitors.

Please visit the site through this link to help support this site and its future migration.


Thank you for your support !


Gaymale.ws Stories Are Back Up !

The "Story" function of this site has been repaired. Enjoy looking back at some old stories and feel free to submit some new ones for everyone to enjoy! ArroW

Encounters you've had, or want to have Day out
Posted by Arrow on Saturday, May 16, 2015 @ 09:34:40 CDT (256 reads)

Homoguy writes "Horny as usual - I'd been looking at porn since I woke up - twinks, muscle men, piss and enema play - but I hadn't cum. I prefer to let it build up all day. So I prepared for my day out. First I pissed my underpants and hung them up to drip dry so they wouldn't show through my jeans.

I shaved around my balls and asshole - I like them to look at their best. Then I put on my rubber cock ring. I have a big collection but I like my simple black rubber one best.

Then I swallowed a tab of ecstasy and did a pipe of meth. which always puts me in a kind of kinky gay mania and threw another tab in my pocket to top up later on.

Then I put on my piss damp underpants and jeans and headed out. The plan was to go from toilet to toilet and park to park and see who I could find.

My first encounter was with an older guy. It was just a bit of cock touching and got boring quickly. But when I am horny and wired I have endless patience. It was the third toilet in late afternoon when a young chubby little guy came into the next cubicle. I watched him through the glory hole as he pulled down his pants and spread his ass that was plugged with a nice fat butt plug. My kind of boy. I went into his cubicle bent him over and pulled out the plug. His hole was red and raw and gaping a bit.

I pushed his head into the toilet and pissed onto his asshole. Piss went everywhere - on him, on me. "

(Read More... | 2071 bytes more | comments? | Score: 1.5)

Encounters you've had, or want to have Nude Time Became WS Time
Posted by arrow on Sunday, May 10, 2015 @ 15:14:04 CDT (392 reads)

I went to my second "nudist" party in Waikiki and wondered if my yellow military cord braided bracelet would lead to some ws fun.

(Read More... | 1819 bytes more | comments? | Score: 3.75)

Encounters you've had, or want to have Most pissed I'd ever been
Posted by ArroW on Saturday, October 25, 2014 @ 18:24:10 CDT (516 reads)

pissbloke writes "At the time of this story me and my best mate Craig were sixth form students. It was a normal old boring Sunday and we did not know what to do. He said that he was up for getting completely shit faced. I was not so sure but agreed nonetheless. "

(Read More... | 4353 bytes more | comments? | Score: 3.66)

Encounters you've had, or want to have Piss/Cum
Posted by ArroW on Friday, October 10, 2014 @ 18:29:52 CDT (997 reads)

DoubleD writes "PISS AND CUM
I awoke with a raging boner and a desire to piss. Usually I get up, walk to the bathroom, and piss in the toilet. Well, not today. I decided to stay in bed and wait for the urge to build while slowly stroking my hard cock. "

(Read More... | 9679 bytes more | comments? | Score: 4.63)

Encounters you've had, or want to have The hottest experience of my life
Posted by ArroW on Thursday, September 11, 2014 @ 21:22:03 CDT (1491 reads)

muscle31 writes "It was a cold November day in London and as usual it was raining. I was sitting in my office and watched, as the rain ran down the windows outside.
On a normal day, this would have been really depressing. But today, I felt excited. Very excited indeed. The thought of what was to happen this evening was giving me an instant hard-on every time I thought about it."

(Read More... | 6112 bytes more | 4 comments | Score: 4.76)

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